I live as a photographer… and photography fascinates me.

I think this is the key point in this job, the main reason that makes you search for the best you can, to not get bored, to continue studying, even if you’ve been studying all your life.

The pictures I take try to speak to the spectator’s heart, not only the eye.

My success and the reason I want you to choose me, is this: I will tell your story, your special day, your love with a young, fresh and natural style.
There’s only you for me, with your strenghts and your faults that make you unique and I am sure they are the ones that have allowed your other half to fall in love with you. I’m interested in your looks, your embarrassed smiles when you look each other after saying that “yes” , the kisses and the hands touching while you walk side by side.

In one word I care about you,and I and my camera will do everything in our power to give you the perfect pics to describe who you are and your emotions.

Your stories