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Morning or afternoon, when is the ceremony best?
In the months from late May to early September: AFTERNOON CEREMONY
In the months from late September to early May: CEREMONY IN THE MORNING

first of all the afternoon ceremony saves you from excessive heat, the more you put your guests at ease, the more involved and happy they will be.

The choice I suggest are the months of April, May, September and October, the temperature is perfect and the light is very beautiful all day long.

Hence on a photographic level, the summer ceremony at noon involves problems with very strong shadows andyou could find yourself photos with very strong shadows on the eyes and under the nose. And there is little I could do.


the ceremony is better to foresee it in the morning, in December the sun goes down at 16:30 and if you are not looking for a wedding with an evening atmosphere, the morning is the best solution possible.

You may want to dance and party when it gets dark, don’t worry the sun goes down very soon and so you could cut the cake at sunset and dance as soon as the sun goes down, more spectacular than you can’t.

Last but not least, my advice for the ceremony is to hire a professional WEDDING PLANNER if your budget allows you to.
First of all because they can provide you a lot of interesting ideas about the dressings  and a lot of other good reasons but above all they can manage your wedding day and let you relaxed and free to enjoy every little moments of that precious day.

I will tell you more with a specific article this topic.


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