Wedding Tips and Tricks

Many times I have been asked how to behave when the ceremony and the location of the reception take place a bit of km:
well my answer has always been one.

Less travel means less delays and more time to spend with your guests.

Tradition expects that we often go to prepare ourself in the house where we grew up: full of memories and dear objects.

My invitation in these cases is always to try to be objective and understand if “photographically” the context lends itself to what we are going to do. Very often we find ourselves in rooms too crowded and too full and this can affect the value of the photos we will take.

This applies to both the bride and groom.
So I recommend choosing a location that will also allow you to be able to prepare there before the ceremony, indifferently civil or religious.

Logically it will be necessary to try to limit the movements and not choose the place of the ceremony far 40-50 minutes from the location of the party.


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