Wedding Tips and Tricks

Don’t worry, I will do almost everything, few are used to being in front of the camera and on the wedding day and always an extraordinary event, I’m used to this.

Take it as a moment to be the two of you, a walk, a chat and some more creative photos and you’re done, you can dedicate the time you want but for us 20-30 minutes are enough.

Light is not a problem for me, strong as at noon or golden as that of the sunset, I can manage both situations, but the type of photo changes, if you want intense and romantic photos the sunset is right for you if you want a more creative that plays with strong shadows and geometries also strong light is fine.

Normally I recommend to provide portraits between the end of the ceremony and the start of the aperitif, logically everything will depend on the movements and the places we will find.

Many people say to me worried “we don’t want to make guests wait at the aperitif or delay the meal”. Don’t worry, I’ve been working in this field for years and I know that timing is essential to keep your time line up so don’t worry. The only flexibility I ask is when you decide to take shots with the sunset, logically you will have to seize THE moment without letting it escape !!

During the meetings before the wedding we will deal with this aspect in detail, we will compare and surely we will find the right way to have an exceptional result!


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