28 settembre 2020

Inspiration Wedding sul Lago di Como

Idea born from a chat on the phone with Elisa Prati: an Art Nouveau inspired wedding surrounded by the beauty of Lake Como.

The colors of this photo shoot are a harmonious mix of warm tones that recall the typical colors of Art Nouveau and the autumn season. Even the materials and fabrics recall the artistic period: floral motifs, chiffon, metal and ceramic.

We imagined organizing an autumn wedding on Lake Como, a very elegant destination for a luxury wedding in Italy, between art, history and lush nature. In particular, Villa Lario Resort was the set of this service, because it perfectly combines elegance and contemporary design with the beauty of its flower garden and natural caves, as well as the evocative atmosphere of the lake.

We decided to set up the ceremony on the panoramic hill of the garden, with a breathtaking view of the lake. The ceremony was decorated with a composition made with different roses, pampas and greenery, which integrates perfectly into the environment.

For the table we have developed two different settings, playing on the asymmetries of the floral compositions, on the bucolic decorations and on the warm colors of the roses and lighting up the natural and precious neutral and golden tones of the tablecloth and of the mise en place.

The wedding stationary is very clean and elegant. The modern style has been finished with a custom sealing wax and a floral pattern.

The cutting of the cake was planned in the natural caves of the place, a unique setting on Lake Como. The cake was designed starting from the graphic elements of Art Nouveau and was entirely hand painted with stylized flowers.

The wedding dress and the groom’s suite are made by two Italian ateliers. In addition, the jewels of the spouses are unique in their field: they are made with leaves and flowers, which are worked and coated with gold, silver and other precious metals.

Of course, it’s not an authentic wedding on Lake Como without a romantic photo shoot of the newlyweds on the lake, at sunset, right? The dream of every married couple from all over the world!

WEDDING PLANNING & STYLING: Elisa Prati | PHOTOGRAPHY: Edoardo Giorio | LOCATION: Villa Lario | FLORAL DESIGN: Valentina Fiori | WEDDING DRESS: Daphne Milano | GROOM SUIT: Camiceria di Como | WEDDING STATIONARY: SantaMaria Monza | HMUA: Erika Finotti | WEDDING CAKE: Qualcosa di Dolce | FORNITURE & MISE EN PLACE: Luxury Noleggio | TAXI BOAT: Taxi Boat Varenna | JEWELS: Ester Bijoux

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