Wedding Tips and Tricks

It all starts here, choosing the time of the ceremony is the key point of the whole wedding.

But how do you choose the perfect time?

If you want to make the most of all the atmospheres of the day, so sunset and evening, the best solution is to understand the precise time of sunset and from this point try to set up the course of the day.

Do you have a fixed date?
Well ! Googlate “sunset + your wedding date” the first result will be the precise time when the day of your wedding will set the sun.

Keep this time in mind and think about how long each moment of the day must last.
In my experience an ideal scheme could be:
Wedding preparations – early afternoon with high sunlight (1 or 2 hours)
Ceremony – mid afternoon with high sunlight towards sunset (1 hour)
Buffet aperitif – Late afternoon, sunset (2 hours)
Dinner – After dark (1 hour and a half)
Cake cutting and party / dance – late evening (until legs hold)
The hours indicated above are absolutely indicative and keep in mind the movements, the latter attempt to reduce them to the bare minimum.

matrimonio in liguria

The key is therefore the romantic and intense sunset, which changes the atmosphere and makes everything more magical with nothing short of spectacular photos.

foto matrimonio Langhe


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